Monday, November 28, 2016

October/ November Recap

Wow it's been almost two months since I have posted but I have been so so busy. Between college, work, trying to keep up with family/ friends and getting everything ready to transfer it has just been a hot mess of a time. I hate admitting that I've had a few rough days during this busy season but as always Jesus pulls me through. Here's a little update on the last two months: 

 In October Kylie and I road tripped it down to Tuscaloosa (about a 4 hour drive) to see our girl, Rachel. It was the first time we had gotten to go see her and her college town and we had so much fun! We visited a haunted house, drove around campus, shopped til we dropped (literally), and ate a whole bunch of goooood food. 

The next weekend Emily and I went to Nashville for the Southern Festival of Books. She had to write a paper for one of her classes so we made a small girls road trip to Nash. 

The next week I had a surprise visitor in one of my classes. My little cousin came with one of her high school classes to tour my college and the class they just happened to sit in on was one of mine! 

That same week I became an aunt!!!! A puppy aunt that is! Everyone meet Miss Reagan Coats! 
That Friday one of my best friends came home to visit and of course we went to see Ms. Spence at Oakland. 

That weekend my family took a trip to the pumpkin patch and getting my younger sisters to do any fun thing with me was nearly impossible because they are "too cool/ too old for that stuff now" 
The next week Sam and Macy played their last game of the fall season. They didn't place but they still did a great job! (especially since this was their first fast pitch season) 

That Tuesday Macy had a dentist appointment and really didn't want to go to school after. Since she had already missed half of the day and I was done with classes for the day I decided to make a girls day out of it. I took her to play laser tag (something she had never done before) and then we went to the Pfunky Griddle and made pancakes. 

I had to dress up for a project that week and I was a doe (yes, with antlers) 

Friday night Emily and I took Sam to her first haunted house (woods) right down the road from our house and had a blast!! 

Same weekend my best friends came home for a quick visit and Kylie brought her new boyfriend (yes, we all approve ;) ) We had a bonfire until Kylie and Jacob had to head back to Cookeville. Jordan and I ended up spending about two more hours sitting on our patio having a good ole heart to heart. (Just what this girl needed) 

The next week was November so of course November 2nd my Christmas tree went up and the Christmas music has been nonstop since!!!!!!! YAY (27 days until Christmas!) 

The next week was election day and guess who was a first time voter (hint: me) 

Next was Shelby and Matthew's annual Friendsgiving! She even made a snapchat filter for the event (how cool?!?!?!?) 

This was probably the 50th selfie we took because Sam was being picky (okay okay I was the one being picky) but look at Sam's selfie taking skills! 

Annual sister picture in the front yard!

And of course there had to be a serious picture 
We ate too much, we slept too much, and decorated for Christmas..
Happy Thanksgiving from the Kelly Girls! 

Friday afternoon we had Thanksgiving at Mema's house and of course we snapped a cousin picture and a cousin picture with Mema. 

Rare occurrence of a selfie with these goofballs 

Friday night Kylie, Jess, and I headed back to our high school for a great match up between Oakland and Maryville. My senior year (2 years ago) we played Maryville to determine who went to state and we lost. Last year the same thing happened and again Oakland came up short but this year OAKLAND BEAT MARYVILLE. I'm pretty sure my entire senior class was there along with the rest of Murfreesboro. Oakland is state bound for the first time since 2008 and Oakland also broke Maryville's 12 year streak of making it to state! Oakland plays this Saturday night in Cookeville, TN and you better believe we are road tripping it up there to watch! 

Now it's Monday and I'm back to work and school. One week of classes and finals week. The crazy begins now! 

Initially Yours, MK

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Cookeville Weekend

Alright, I'm pretty behind so I've got to play catch up for a minute... I had already pretty much decided on MT the day we visited but I was also already signed up for Tennessee Tech's preview day on October 1st so I decided to go ahead and go. That weekend also happened to be Kylie's birthday so a trip to Cookeville was absolutely necessary! 

I went up Friday night and got to meet her new boyfriend (didn't snap a picture) but he's a sweetheart yall and I'm so happy that she's found someone that makes her so happy. We went out to eat that night for her birthday and then went back to her apartment for a few hours of catching up and netflix before bed! Saturday morning we woke up super early and went to the preview day. I absolutely love Tech and Cookeville but I just had that gut feeling that God wants me at MT. I feel so confident in my decision, especially after visiting Tech, I just think that MTSU is going to be a better fit for me and the things I want to do. 
We of course had to take pictures by the Tech sign. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

MCS Fall Break

Fall Break always means a whole week out of school, for some families it means beach/ mountain trips, for others it just means a week at home sleeping in and staying up late. When you get in college... things change a bit. You get two days instead of five and usually it's just spent catching up in classes that you might be falling behind in or just doing homework for when you go back. Since I work at an elementary school my kiddos still had their fall break which means ESP runs 6am-6pm instead of just mornings and afternoons. October 3rd-October 7th was MCS's (Murfreesboro City Schools) fall break. 

The kids that have to be here are usually parents that can't get off work and so these kids show up sometimes at 6am on the dot. If you were still a kid, would you want to be at school at 6am when everyone else was sleeping in/ vacationing? Didn't think so. These kids usually aren't very happy so we decided to make it as much fun as we possibly could. 

Monday was Read-A-Thon/PJ day, they got to bring their favorite book and wear their pjs. While I can't post any pictures of my kids I did take a picture with two of my staff that dressed up with me
The Winnie the Pooh slippers were a big hit with the kids and I got told at least 100 times that I looked silly. 

Tuesday was hat day/ science explosion day (I didn't snap a picture) 

 Wednesday was Ice Cream Olympics and let me tell you, it was completely life changing. As you can see in the picture..
That would be me and my boss.... covered in ice cream, chocolate syrup, whip cream, and sprinkles. Our kids had a BALL! They absolutely loved it. But let's be real.. hand a kid a bottle of chocolate syrup and you know they are going to go crazy. One of my fourth graders stood over top of me with a full bottle of chocolate syrup and just poured it all over my head. It was messy but so much fun! I liked this better than the messy paint parties I've been a part of because this didn't hurt near as badly if it got in your eyes and it tasted ten times better (duh!) 

Thursday was Pizza Party and Friday was popcorn and movie. Our kids loved it and that's exactly what we wanted. To make what could be a long week for some of them a little bit more fun. 

Today happens to be my last day of my two day fall break so as I leave work this morning I get to go back home and take a nap and I couldn't be happier! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Initially Yours, MK

Monday, October 3, 2016


 So yeah I've been fighting the battle of where to continue my education after completing my two year program at Motlow. I have really been stuck and well last month was absolutely crazy (hints why there was only one post the entire month) but after so much prayer I've finally decided to go to Middle Tennessee State University in my hometown. I was between MTSU and Tennessee Technological University, which is about an hour drive from my hometown. I was pretty much decided on TTU until I went to MTSU's Preview Day towards the end of the month and fell completely in love with their education department. The building, the professors, everything about it was amazing. Also I get to keep my job with Murfreesboro City Schools and that was a major plus. I absolutely adore my job and the people I work with. Plus I guess I'm okay with rocking the True Blue color for a few years. Ha! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

September Goals

I love the idea of creating monthly goals and sharing them with you guys. I got this idea from lots of bloggers, including my sister over at Life as the Coats. It makes me more motivated to actually keep up with them and get stuff done. I clearly didn't do so hot at completing my August Goals! Hopefully September will be much better!